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More Than 4.24 Million Members, Who They Are ?

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    Millionaire Singles

    According to the brand's marketing director, if people are classified by assets, they are all millionaires with an annual income of >200,000$. Of course, there are also multimillionaires and billionaires with a larger stock of assets.

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    Elite Singles

    If you divide people by occupation, they are industry elites, real estate tycoons, Hollywood stars, professional athletes, enterprise senior manager, celebrity models, and financial experts.

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    Attractive Singles

    If geographically separated, the vast majority of members come from (US, Canada, Australia, Europe). In the last two years, more and more Chinese users have become the new darling of this website. This is an international dating platform for attractive singles.

What Brand Is MillionaireMatch?

MillionaireMatch has a long history of 18 years as a millionaire online dating site, and the brand is leading the millionaire dating industry to create new value. It was voted "Best of the Web" by As a veritable high-end dating site, this platform brings together thousands of wealthy individuals and attractive singles from around the world. Behind the “Fortune” label, this group of people has a deeper commonality – a successful person seeking long-term stable relationships.

Matchmaking Services

MillionaireMatch is currently working on the millionaire matchmaking business. Due to the large number of members, reaching 4.24 million person-times, the growing demand for dating requires more professional matchmakers to analyze and connect. The website is going to launch an offline matchmaker one-on-one service in 2020, allowing website members to enjoy a more comprehensive, personalized and considerate millionaire matchmaking services. Millionaire matchmaker services need to invest a lot of human resources and physical resources. One of the most important aspects is the selection of a millionaire matchmaker who is unique in vision, keen in observation, quick-thinking, and has many years of experience.

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Millionaire Matchmaker Team

MillionaireMatch is currently negotiating with a team of professional matchmakers from all over the world. It is expected that by the end of 2020, all continents of the United States will carry out the offline matchmaker business. We are very optimistic about these candidates for the matchmaker...

Professional Millionaire Matchmaking Sites Review

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The Benefits Of The Matchmaker Service

1: Deeply understand your current situation and needs, and provide professional dating advice and dating solutions. 2: Recommend your favorite person through professional experience, and ensure that your interactions are not disturbed by others. 3: Multi-angle, comprehensive help you understand the details of the date, to make your appointments safer. 4: Give guidance on the details of your appointments and increase the success rate of your appointments. 5: During your entire date, you will be caring and actively reconciling all the difficulties you have encountered throughout the date.

Safe And Secure Dating Platform

Any registered user must pass number verification, photo verification, and email verification. The millionaires on the platform need to provide proof of assets. Attractive users need to review recent life photos. We strive to provide you with the safest and most private dating environment.


The millionaire matchmaking business will be launched across the country. If you are looking for a wealthy and elite single, if you want to find a partner who can have a long-term relationship with you in the city where you live, let us provide safe and professional services for your appointment. Join our millionaire matchmaking website.

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